Why Chihuahuas Are the Best Companion Dogs


A pint sized tough guy. Adorable with its big ears and eyes this tiny dog is the perfect companion breed. If you live in an apartment or like a dog that can curl up comfortably on your lap then a Chihuahua is for you.

The Chihuahua can weigh anywhere from two to six pounds and only measure between six and nine inches. To be called a true Chihuahua it cannot weigh anymore than six pounds and have ears that stand straight up. They can either have a long or short coat that is usually a solid color but can have a variety of colors.

They are extremely loyal to their master and usually will attach themselves to one member of a household. They can be quite mischievous but overall a wonderful pet.
Their temperament can border on the bratty at times and they typically do not like dogs of any other breed than their own. They do like play, but because of their delicate size and feisty nature they are not suited to rough play. Households with adults or older children are a more appropriate home for a cheeky Chihuahua.

The name Chihuahua comes from the state in Mexico. They are truly the only natural toy breed. There are many theories on the origin of Chihuahuas, but the prevailing theory is that they are likely ancestors of the ancient Techichi dogs crossed with hairless dogs from the Orient.

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They have some particular health considerations because of their small size. A Chihuahuas bones are extremely fragile and they tend to develop knee problems, as they get older. Also, they should be watched for falls from high furniture as this can result in broken legs. Chihuahuas are sensitive to cold weather. They shiver and shake when they are cold, nervous or excited. Dress them in a warm sweater when taking walks in cold weather. A Chihuahua is born with a soft spot on his head that never fully closes. A bump here could potentially kill the little guy so take care. They can be prone to dental and eye problems as they age so consistent veterinary care is important to keep them healthy and strong.

All things considered Chihuahuas make wonderful pets and can provide constant companionship. They love to be with you at all times and will happily lick your face and give you the ultimate unconditional love. Bottom line, for the best companion dog a Chihuahua just can’t be beat.