Dog Food Secrets and Good Dog Food Vs Bad Dog Food Exposed

Dog Food Secrets reminds us that this year there was a recall of dog food because a lot of animals had died and the result was identified as a contaminant form China. The better known and more expensive dog foods probably are not as likely to become contaminated because of better quality control but Dog Food Secrets makes for interesting reading even if you are dealing with these better brands. Everyone knows that there are recalls every day in America and it includes many types of food for human consumption. Lettuce a few years ago and beef this year are just a few examples of human food that is not well regulated. Dog Food Secrets tells you how it is so much easier to happen with your dogs because there is not near as much control over production of their food.

The Dog Food Secrets has some good information and the facts presented probably have some truth to them. Many dog food products certainly are not as well policed. The Dog Food Secrets tells about the poison kidneys of dogs resulting in death that originated in the contamination from China. The book is certainly as interesting reading as any paperback and it has good advice for people who love their dogs.

If you read this book Dog Food Secrets, you will get some very good information that may alert you to problems with your dog early enough to bring your dog to your vet and identify life threatening illnesses created by poor nutrition.